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Human Settlements - Urban and Rural Infrastructure, Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Sports & Recreation, Education, and Utilities

Our Human Settlements Division has a combined number of years of experience. Over this period, we have gained intimate knowledge of the country’s unique challenges, enabling us to innovatively tailor our solutions to deliver maximum value to our customers. The team, consisting of several professionals, specializes in the design, procurement, project management, and construction monitoring of infrastructure projects for the municipal and private sectors.


The expertise of the Human Settlements Team includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Input and reporting during the pre-feasibility and feasibility stages of projects, including cost estimations and comparisons, and planning inputs.

• Liaison with various interested and affected parties regarding the availability and capacities of existing and future bulk civil engineering

• Infrastructure services.

• Three-dimensional modelling for mass earthwork designs, water and sewer analysis and design, and urban and rural roads with associated stormwater designs.

• Multi-faceted roles in the green building space with integrated sustainability goals built into every step of the design stage.

• Management of projects in terms of planning, scheduling, execution, cost control, and completion.

• Construction monitoring ensuring adherence to design and quality specifications with an added focus on safety and the environment.

• Closing out of projects and follow-up services.


  • University of Venda


  • ASIDI A3 Schools

  • Gugulethu Infill Housing

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