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Increasing droughts and cyclone activities expose Africa’s vulnerability to the intensifying consequences of climate change.

Considering that about 60% of people who lack access to electricity live in Africa, it is our moral imperative to uplift these struggling communities.


Especially in view of Africa’s vast solar resource, Sustainable Energy is the solution to both mitigating climate change and providing access to clean electricity in remote rural areas.


To enable a planet powered by renewable resources with its intermittent supply, energy storage must be at the forefront of technological innovation.


The industry must expand and advance its creativity and development to enable the complete replacement of fossil fuel generation with renewable energy.


In response to the need for cost-effective storage solutions, we have identified innovative energy storage technologies, which will enable further deployment of renewable energy


Imagine a future where all energy supplied matches demand in real time or where every solar farm is monitored ensuring optimal energy capture thus significantly reducing dependence on other energy sources. This future is not that far away. INTERESTED? Come and chat to us.





















The bGen

This technology is particularly interesting for industry, where electricity meets waste heat, steam and process heating & cooling. The bGen system uses South African rocks for thermal energy storage. Energy can easily be transferred from one form to another, whilst being stored in high-exergy heat. The system is modular and space-efficient.


The Evie Tower

The technology was inspired by the integral use of gravity and kinetic energy relied upon to move water and generate power in pumped storage hydro plants but replaces water with innovative 35 ton bricks made from low-cost waste materials. Using the fundamental principles of science, a storage solution that is as compassionate to the planet as it can be built anywhere, whilst cleaning up the environment.



  • Loeriesfontein/Khobab  2*       140mw Wind Farms

  • Kaxu Solar One 100mw                Solar Thermal Plant

iX engineers experience and involvement in REIPPP program in RSA and other IPP projects in South Africa and outside RSA include:

  • 96 MW Jasper solar PV plant

  • 100 MW Kaxu solar CSP Plant

  • 50 MW Khi Solar CSP Plant

  • 80 MW Loeriesfontein wind farm

  • 138 MW Loeriesfontein 2 wind farm

  • 138 MW Jeffreys Bay wind farm

  • 310 MW Lake Turkana wind farm, Kenya

  • 102 MW Kipeto wind farm, Kenya

  • 102 MW Copperton wind farm

iX engineers experience and involvement in Pre-feasibility-, Feasibility- and Bankable Feasibility Studies further include:

  • 90 MW Prieska Solar PV Plant, RSA

  • 75 MW Gwanda solar PV plant, Zimbabwe

  • 75 MW Moremoholo Solar PV Plant, Lesotho

  • 35 MWh Energy storage and  10 MW Solar PV Plant, Anglo American

  • 8 MW Solar PV Plant, Sefateng (current)

  • 2*200 MW Sunelex solar PV Plant, RSA (current, OE)

  • 2*45MW TSS Zimbabwe (Current)


Some of the above projects were executed by key engineers currently in the employ of iX Engineers (Pty) Ltd who have gained the experience whilst employed by iX engineers’ predecessors in title, KV3 Engineers (Pty) Ltd incorporated by WorleyParsons RSA (Pty) Ltd. iX engineers (Pty) Ltd acquired the Pubic Infrastructure Business Unit personnel and projects as a going concern from WorleyParsons RSA in September 2016.

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