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Water in Mining

iX engineers’ services in the mining industry include the following:

  • Water

  • Energy

  • Resettlements

  • Logistics and haul roads Storm water

  • Bulk earthworks

  • Buildings and process plants

  • Condition assessments

  • Supporting engineering disciplines


Water Solutions in Mining

As water is one of the scarcest resources in South Africa, iX engineers has identified water as a priority area that requires innovative thinking and solutions. In mining, water plays a major role in operations and processing of minerals, therefore iX engineers has set itself a target to assist and support the mining industry to save water consumption by up to 50%. This will be achieved by offering an orchestrated mix of solutions, systems and technology that will be integrated to deliver the desired target.

Benefits of Holistic Water Solutions in Mining

  • GN704 Compliance

  • Reliability of supply

  • Mitigating risk through the mining life by understanding implications of the changing water/salt balance

  • Flexible water conveyance systems and pump stations

  • Water treatment (process, potable, sewage and impacted water)

  • Managing closure risk by understanding impact of water related decisions


Water Conservation & Demand Management

  • Mitigation of liability

  • Increased security of supply

  • Capital cost savings on infrastructure

  • Operation and maintenance cost savings

  • Reduced environmental risks

  • Reduced closure liability


Energy in mining

iX engineers provides specialist services in renewable energy generation energy storage, electrical distribution and reticulation. iX engineers is an affiliated member of the Association of Municipal Electrical Utilities (AMEU) and International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE).


iX engineers’ services include:

  • Renewable Energy including Solar PV, Thermal (including CSP) and WindEnergy storage

  • Energy efficiency

  • Energy master planning

  • Self generation / Independent Power Producer (IPP) advisory, owners engineer and turnkey funded solutions.

  • Sub-stations & switching-stations up to 132 kV (indoor and outdoor)

  • Distribution and transmission networks up to 132kV (underground and overhead)

  • Telemetry & SCADA systems

  • Refurbishment, upgrades and maintenance of all electrical infrastructures

  • Emergency Power Generation


Resettlement in mining

iX  engineers’ resettlement solutions in the mining sector minimise risks for both the mining company and the community, with the aim of developing a long-term partnership that leads to improved community stability and a diversified local economy. We follow the World Bank’s IFC Standard 5 guidelines, as well as local and national legislation to manage resettlement.


Our alliance with world known specialists enables us to deal with stakeholder relations management comprehensively while handling the social side of resettlement projects with dignity and care. We provide mining companies with specialised skills to effectively manage resettlement projects through the different project phases to get final project approval for implementation while embedding the social-economics, training and well-being of the community throughout the process.


iX engineers offer the following resettlement solutions and benefits in the mining sector:

  • Project management through the different project phases

  • Experience in managing the full scope of a typical resettlement project from inception till final close out

  • Compilation of resettlement action plans (RAP)

  • Stakeholder management (Engineering vs Community)

  • Managing community acceptance (No risk for Government)

  • Risk management

  • Upliftment, training and establishing of SMME’s of the affected communities

  • Job creation

  • Multidisciplinary engineering services for all bulk and internal infrastructure, town planning, housing and other communial buildings

  • Construction management


  • Shondoni Mine Early Works

  • Dingleton Resettlement Project

  • Northern Access Road,                Wafi-Golpu Mine

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