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From smart water management through the Internet of Things (IoT) to risk-free visual inspections powered by Drone Technology, we are digitally-led in our problem-solving approach allowing our clients to enjoy their assets for longer and ensuring our engineers are free to create the future of life.


Our cutting-edge Digital division is currently focusing on these core competencies that span Smart Cities, Transport, Mining, Energy, Water & Sanitation.


Our Service Offering include

Virtual Reality

• Interactive Design Review

• Pipe System Analysis

• Immersive Training

(Maintenance, Disaster response, physical damming - simple & complex tasks)

In addition, we provide our clients with interactive tours or virtual site inspections using 3D technology.


Drone Technology is enabling our engineers to conduct

• AI Geographic Surveys

• Risk-free Visual Inspections

• Intelligent Asset Management / Condition Assessments


Internet of Things

• Smart Water Solutions

• Predictive Maintenance

• Energy Optimization


Big Data & Analytics

• Geographic Information Systems

• Predictive Analytics

• Machine Learning

All of which are underpinned by the user-friendly design of interactive digital platforms.



Virtual Reality for General Electric (GE)

GE appointed iX engineers to assist in creating a Virtual Reality (VR) training module.

The developed module was aimed at training technicians on how to install turbine blades into the rotor disk. The training module enabled technicians to learn procedures, receive tricks of the trade and hone their skills in the VR world, prior to real life practical work. The module consisted of three parts, an introduction on how to navigate the VR world, a step-by-step tutorial on the installation of turbine blades with the trainee performing the installations in the VR world and an assessment, consisting of a series of questions. The project highlighted the advantages of using the latest technology to increase training quality and reduce costs for our clients. This proof of concept was done in collaboration with STS3D.


Virtual Reality for Desalination Plant

iX engineers were appointed to improve various design and construction limitations for a complex desalination plant using Virtual Reality (VR). By using the tools developed by our engineers and the VR model, the client was able to walk around the desalination plant and experience the design from a first-person perspective allowing insight to many design aspects such as space constraints and accessibility. The integration of data into the VR model provided the various engineers and stakeholders with the ability to, simultaneously, analyze & troubleshoot the plant. Furthermore, the construction plans & documents were incorporated into the VR model to fast-track the review of pipe systems. In large complex plants, the VR software developed by our team proved to be a time and cost saving tool, which could then be used throughout the project cycle.


Drone Solutions for eThekwini Municipality (Kranskloof Hostel)

We had a challenge - our contract would be concluding in three weeks. It would have taken land surveyors five weeks for the procurement process as well as the site work and survey. With the use of our drones, our pilot was sent out to conduct the survey as well as a visual inspection of a hostel spanning the size of 31 hectares.

We were able to conduct the survey within a day and produce results that informed a multitude of engineering solutions. These included structural analyses, civil works & planning as well as storm water management at the site. 3D maps with an immense amount of data accompanied by high resolution photos were produced that could also enable further investigations without having to go back to the site. We were able to maximize value for the client in not only drastically limiting safety risk but also being able to provide a wealth of information within a very short amount of time. This meant the client was able to make well-informed decisions and be highly responsive to the needs of their community.

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