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iX engineers is well equipped to provide solutions to the challenges of the present and future. Our skills and experience combine to deliver well planned and cost-effective infrastructure and environmentally sensitive solutions.


We apply our expertise in the fields of Water Resources, Water Quality and Water Treatment Processes to identify potential sources of water and match these with demands to develop reliable and sustainable solutions.


Imagine a future where we are able to proactively maintain all our water equipment using the (IOT) Internet of Things, reducing downtime of our most vital resources. Imagine a future where we are able to completely eradicate water shortages. This future is not that far away. INTERESTED? Come and chat to us.


iX engineers specialises in providing integrated solutions for the management of water treatment systems by incorporating the Internet of Things (IOT) which allows operators to monitor the functioning of the works real-time, resulting in early detection of problems.





















We deliver a range of Water Solutions through our industry and suite of specialist capabilities:

  • Ground Water

  • Water & Waste Water Conveyancing Systems

  • Reservoirs and Dams

  • Water Conservation and Water Demand Management

  • Water Treatment

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Desalination

  • Water Re-Use


Ground Water

We apply our expertise in the fields of Water Resources, Water Quality and Treatment Processes to identify potential sources of water and match these with demands to develop reliable and sustainable solutions.


Our Service Offerings Include:

  • Pre-Development Water Modelling

  • Water Resource Studies (ground water, sea water and surface water)

  • Water Transfer Feasibility Studies

  • Hydrogeological Assessment

  • Hydrological and Flood Risk Assessment

  • Water Accounting and Valuation

  • Water Quality and Disposal

  • Integrated Water Management

  • Water Use Efficiency

  • Water Demand Management

  • Master Planning

  • Water Re-use & Recycling

  • Regulatory Commitments

  • Floodlines

  • Asset Management

  • Project Management

  • Programme Management

  • Environmental Compliance & Planning Studies

  • Social Assessment, Planning, Needs & Impact Studies

  • Social License to Operate and Permitting


Water and Waste Water Conveyancing

iX engineers has extensive specialist experience, skills and knowledge of water and waste water conveyancing systems involving all project stages namely; Inception, Concept and Viability (Preliminary Design), Design Development (Detail Design), Documentation and Procurement, Contract Administration and Inspection and Close-Out in urban, industrial, resources and rural environments.


Our experienced engineers plan, model and design bulk water supply and distribution systems using state-of-the-art computer software programs, 3D modelling and Virtual Reality application, as well as intelligent computing tools for both public, resources and industrial facilities.


iX engineers have completed numerous pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies in the water sector for both government and private clients.


Our Service Offerings Include:

  • Bulk Pipelines

  • Network Reticulation

  • Pump Stations

  • Canals

  • Diversion Tunnels, Streams & Rivers

  • Storm Water Drainage

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Bulk Water Transfer Schemes      


Water and Waste Water Storage

iX engineers provides innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions to real world engineering challenges by combining advanced analytical techniques with sound engineering judgment.


Our service offerings include:

  • Dams

  • Water Storage – Reservoirs & Towers

  • Pollution Control Dams

  • Storm Water Attenuation Dams


Water and Waste Water Treatment

iX engineers has substantial experience, capability and knowledge of water and waste water treatment systems, involving all project cycles. We implement water and waste water systems through innovative design solutions, 3D modelling and Virtual Reality applications for optimised designs. These are for public resources and industrial facilities. We have a proven track-record in delivering technically outstanding, and cost-effective projects.


Our Service Offerings include:

  • Water Treatment

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment


Waste Water Re-Use

iX engineers has significant experience in Waste Water Re-use technology, which includes the provision of consulting engineering, project management and business/project services. Our in-house Professionals provide the best sustainable solutions to our customers and the environment over the full life cycle of the asset. iX engineers also has the capability and experience to provide solutions for Acid Mine Drainage.



iX engineers’ knowledge of Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalination plants was demonstrated with the City of Cape Town’s Emergency Water Resilience Project during the City’s worst drought recorded in history.


A major part of this project was to investigate and implement temporary Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalination plants as emergency measures, with a larger (long term) permanent SWRO plant to be planned for implementation at a later stage.

The following three temporary SWRO plants were constructed and successfully implemented for the City of Cape Town:

  • Monwabisi (7 Mℓ/d) commissioned in June 2018

  • Strandfontein (7 Mℓ/d) commissioned in May 2018

  • V&A Waterfront (2 Mℓ/d) commissioned in May 2018


Water Conservation & Non-Revenue Water

Conservation and Water Demand Management (WC/WDM) measures to reduce non-revenue water and water losses for water distribution systems. Our staff have the necessary expertise and experience to advise clients on which interventions are the most appropriate to a specific area and how best to implement them.


The most common mistake made by many institutions/municipalities throughout the world is to believe that water loss reduction is achieved through only leak detection and repair. In such cases, large budgets are often used to search for unreported leaks using the latest hi-tech and expensive equipment. If the water losses are due to inaccurate metering or even background leakage, the leak detection activities will yield little or no results.


Potential Savings:

A breakdown of the 2015/16 water balance for Municipalities in South Africa indicates a potential real loss saving of 939 million m3/annum and a potential income of 197 million M3/annum which is currently unbilled.


Most WC/WDM activities will pay for themselves and financial institutions will fund these projects if a proper business case can be compiled. iX engineers also has the capacity and capability to assist in this regard, including revenue enhancement programmes.


Supply systems can be monitored and controlled via remote access using computers, mobile phones or tablets displaying real-time data of:

  • Quality

  • Flow Rates

  • Reservoir Levels

  • Pump Station Activities

  • System Pressure

  • Possible Leaks

  • Water Consumption and Water Balance



  • Cape Flats Aquifer

  • Assmang’s Khumani Mine Water Resource Augmentation

  • New N2 Gateway Delft Bulk Sewer

  • Mokolo and Crocodile River (West) Augmentation (Phase 1)

  • Lanseria 20 Mℓ Reservoir and 1,2 Mℓ Tower

  • Upgrading of Zeekoegat Waste Water Treatment Works

  • De Doorns Water Re-Use Plant

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