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iX engineers has extensive engineering capabilities in roads stormwater infrastructure on international as well as local levels.


Our wealth of experience across all phases of road projects includes national roads and highways, provincial and municipal.

  • Roads, highways and storm water

  • Haul roads

  • Motor transport corridors

  • Bridges

  • Culvert structures

  • Hydrology and hydraulic expertise

  • Railway infrastructure and sidings


We provide services to the national roads agency (SANRAL), the provincial governments and local municipalities



iX engineers has extensive experience in airport design and have also participated in various design projects with a focus on modern international airport infrastructure development and project management.


We have a wide range of aviation experience and have successfully completed several airport projects successfully both in South Africa and abroad.


Our project experience, in collaboration with specialists, includes technical and economic feasibility studies for airports, traffic demand as well as forecasting and transaction advisory services to potential airport developers.



iX engineers’ integrated design capability for rail infrastructure ensures optimisation and coordination through the Concept, Definition, Detailed Design and Construction Management stages.


We provide services to both the public and private sectors creating and delivering solutions for specific rail requirements in urban metropolitan and metro systems, long haul intermodal railway networks, heavy haul minerals railways, specialised rail transport for the rail industry and logistics providers.


Smart Roads

Smart Road technologies and applications will shape the future of transportation in this Fourth Industrial Revolution. There cannot be a Smart City without a smart road and together a Smart City with smart roads can provide citizens with smart mobility.


The road infrastructure and mobility sectors face major challenges for the next century and a new paradigm that makes Smart Roads a reality is what is required to ensure that Smart Roads are integrated into the future


iX engineers is currently developing and testing technology through our Digital Solutions team to find ways of making South African roads smarter and safer for all users through the use of IOT (Internet of Things).


The smart Roads concept is much more than just sensors and feedback loops. Smart roads include:

  • Smart pavements and structures with sensors and feedback loops

  • Smart electronicasset management systems

  • ECO friendly roads (recycled materials)

  • Green roads sustainable and low-cost (use of recycled materials)

  • Self healing roads (asphalt)


  • Upgrade of National Route N2 Murchison to Marburg Interchange - SANRAL

  • N2 Eteza Traffic Control Centre and Interchange - SANRAL

  • Improvement of the N7 between Cederberg and Kransvleikloof  - SANRAL

  • Rehabilitation of Camps Bay Drive

  • ST Helena Airport

  • St Helena Bulk Fuel Installation Project

  • Upington International Airport – New Terminal

  • Nacala-A-Velha Workshops

  • Nacala Corridor PMC (Section 2)

  • Nacala Corridor PMC (Sections 6 & 7)

  • Kusile Power Station northern rail access

  • Zambia North West Corridor Development

  • Zambia Chingola Link Feasibility

  • Gautrain Rapid Rail Link

  • Tanzania Mbwenkuru - Mingoyo Southern Coastal Link Road

  • Namibia New Container Terminal, Walvis Bay

  • Namibia National Oil Storage, Oil Tanker Jetty, Onshore Site and Pipelines Facilities, Walvis Bay

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