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iX engineers has significant experience in building and infrastructure development projects, which includes the provision of consulting, engineering, project management and business/project services. Our in-house Accredited Green Building Professionals and Certified Energy Managers work within the design team providing the best sustainable solutions to customers and the environment over the full lifecycle of the asset.


The delivery of Smart Cities is complex and not solely limited to innovation and technology.


Urban design principles, which respond to the local context, should be integrated and shouldered by a concrete business case. iX engineers takes on the role of connecting applied technology, infrastructure, city planning and design solutions when crafting Smart City methodologies.







iX engineers offer the following Smart City solutions:

•  Smart demand management and water conservation

•  Smart bulk water and ground water management

•  Smart water distribution and metering

•  Smart stormwater management

•  Smart energy and smart grids

•  Smart roads

•  Smart solid waste

•  Smart buildings

•  Smart hospitals and schools

•  Housing and land development


The Buildings & Services Division offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution to our customers.

Green Building Design

iX engineers is registered with the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) and has a number of Green Star SA Accredited Professionals with many years of experience in design of energy efficiency infrastructure.


iX engineers provides specialist services in the building infrastructure field which includes industrial and business park developments, (light and heavy) industrial plants, warehouses, service stations, abattoirs, telecom towers, commercial and mixed use developments (offices, hotels and shopping centres), institutional facilities (schools, hospitals, clinics, prisons, airports, police stations, community halls, etc.), sport and recreational facilities (stadiums and indoor facilities) and residential buildings.


We also provide specialist services in the electrical distribution and reticulation fields which include sub-stations, switching-stations, distribution networks (underground and overhead), electrification, master planning, telemetry and SCADA systems.


The various Engineering disciplines of the Buildings & Services Division, which are discussed separately, specialises in all the technical aspects of building & services projects.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

  • Building Electrical Systems

  • Building Electronic Systems

  • Lighting

  • Power Generation (PVI Gas, Energy Storage, Co- generation, Tri-generation)

  • Transmission lines and Networks

  • Substations and Switching Station

  • Reticulation and Distribution

  • Analysis of Electrical Networks & Systems

  • Energy efficiency


Mechanical Engineering

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning [HVAC]

  • Fire Protection detection

  • Wet services

  • Vertical Transportation

  • Gas and Compressed Air Installations

  • Refrigeration Installations

  • Steam generation

  • Medical gas

  • Medical infrastructure


Civil Engineering

  • Bulk Earthworks Designs, where our approach is always to firstly, optimize cost by balancing cut and fill volumes as far as possible but taking cognisance of ground conditions.

  • Roads and Stormwater Designs for building projects are always done in conjunction with the appointed Architects, Landscape Architects and Green building Consultants.

  • Water and Sewer Designs which make provision for both internal (on-site) as well as external (bulk off-site), with good cooperation and coordination with the Architects being of vital importance. On-site solutions and re-use of effluent water are critical considerations at the planning stage of a project.


Structural Engineering

High Rise Buildings

  • Offices

  • Apartment blocks

  • Hospitals


Low Rise Buildings

  • Schools

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Apartments



Factories and manufacturing areas

Dedicated Industrial Structures           

Sport and Recreational Facilities




Revitalising the Built Environment

Investigation and reporting on structural integrity of damaged buildings

Restoration, reinstatement or alteration of existing building structures for alternative use



  • Nelson Mandela Stadium

  • Menlyn Maine

  • Cape Town International Airport

  • Corobay Corner Office

  • Hibernian Towers

  • The Edge Office Development

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